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Periodontal News
Public health journal publishes insurer’s report on systemic link
Release Date: December 10, 2010

HARTFORD, Conn., — Aetna (NYSE: AET) today announced that the study, An Examination of Periodontal Treatment, Dental Care and Pregnancy Outcomes in an Insured Population, has been published online by the American Journal of Public Health (AJPH). The study found that women who received preventive dental care had fewer birth complications than women who received no treatment. The study was conducted by Columbia University College of Dental Medicine and the Mailman School of Public Health with Aetna Dental.

“This study shows the importance of preventive dental treatment for women who are planning to start a family,” said David Albert, DDS, MPH, associate professor at the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, who led the study. “Women can help improve the overall quality of life for themselves and their child by staying in good dental health.”

Specifically, the study found that:

* The preterm delivery rate was 10.1 percent for those not receiving dental treatment and 7.6 percent for those receiving preventive care.

* The low birth weight rate was 5.0 percent for those not receiving dental treatment and 4.6 percent or lower among the groups receiving treatment.

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